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Hire the right candidate 1000 times faster at 1% of the cost

Engage with more candidates and interview more applicants at lightspeed while making data-driven decisions at a reduced cost with next-generation software, powered by AI agents.

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At Businessflow, we believe AI agents will define a new way of working

Imagine if you could find the best applicant without spending those countless hours sifting through resumes and scheduling and conducting interviews that usually result in rejections. At Businessflow AI, our mission is to give companies the best fit applicant at an immensely higher speed and a reduced cost, while giving the applicant a higher probability of joining the right position that will lead to a meaningful and fulfilling career.

We achieve this by leveraging game-changing capabilities of AI agents. Our ground-breaking solution allows recruiters and HR managers to 1000x the amount of applicants that are analysed and interviewed, saving countless hours while finding truly best fit applicants.


Easy to use by default

You define your recruitment process, our platform makes sure you find the right applicant.


Tailored to Your Need

Every company has their own recruitment process. Some have multiple ones. Our platform can be easily tailored to that process, so our AI agents do exactly what you need.


Resume Analysis

Our AI agents read through countless resumes, analysing them and creating a report for each applicant based on their fit to the position.


Applicant Ranking

Unlike a traditional ATS, our platform doesn't just extract resumes based on hard coded keywords. Our AI agents automatically rank them based on their fit to the position.


Applicant Interviews

Let our AI agents take first interviews so you can focus on engaging with top applicants. This means you don't have to schedule them because the applicants can take them whenever they want.


Aggregate Ranking

After all sub processes are finished, the platform combines the ranks and results to suggest the best overall candidates.


General Assistant

Don't have the time to search for certain information or to visualise some specific data? The general assistant can do it for you. It is the next generation of software assistants that can perform tasks within the platform.


A Configurable Solution

Customise your recruitment process in 5 clicks


You define the process steps

Provide specific instructions or use a generic process.


Our AI agents do the work

Depending on the steps you created, they analyse and rank resumes, interview and assess applicants.

Transparency at The Core

Explainability is a key factor for applicant ranking

At every step in the recruitment process, our AI agents create a report summarising the step and explaining the reasons for the rank.

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Simple and Easy to Use User Interface.

Our platform is designed to be as simple as possible while still customizable to your needs.

Using it is straightforward, but even then, the general assistant is there to always assist you through a chat interface.


Businessflow Recruit is designed to be easily integrated with other platforms

Posting AI generated job descriptions on LinkedIn and Indeed, communicating with your colleagues in Slack or Trello and more.

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Join us now in shaping the future of recruitment, where humans are supercharged by AI